Medicare wellness visits

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Healthy Aging

Annual Medicare wellness visits and regular screenings especially for men and women who are 65 and older

Vecino Health Centers takes good care of every family member, especially aging adults. They are our parents, grandparents, neighbors, and friends. 

In northeast Houston, senior health starts with us. Annual Medicare wellness visits and regular screenings make aging healthier and easier. These preventive visits to the doctor keep older adults healthy, happy, and independent. 

Medicare Wellness Visits

Make healthy aging a priority today! Schedule a wellness visit.

Covered by Medicare and most other insurance plans.

Bilingual health care for English- and Spanish-speaking seniors

Vecino is a bilingual health center, so patients can speak with their providers in English or Spanish.

Proven quality

As the Health Center Quality Leader Award recipient at the Gold Tier for the past three years, Vecino Health Centers is in the top 10 percent of more than 1,400 health centers nationwide for quality. We are the neighbors you can genuinely trust.

Convenience, accessibility, and affordability 

Often, aging adults don’t go to the doctor because of worries about money. Fortunately, Medicare and most other insurance plans cover all preventive health care costs. Plus, we have our Get Care program with discounts for those not covered by insurance. 

Care around the corner

At Vecino, we aren’t your neighbors in name only. We are your actual neighbors in your own community. Excellent care will never be far away.

Quality health care for seniors

As your neighbors, we are proud to help our seniors by providing high-quality health care. This means going to the doctor is not expensive or difficult. Healthy aging is possible for everyone, starting with a senior wellness exam at Vecino. 

Now more than ever, we need to take care of each other. When we take early care of our seniors, we are taking care of our friends, families, and communities at the same time. 



Make healthy aging a reality for you or a loved one. Schedule your senior wellness exam today by giving us a call at 713-588-9499.