Prenatal care during COVID-19 pandemic

Keeping prenatal patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

In-person prenatal care is important for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. When possible, some appointments may be conducted through our telemedicine platform so patients can talk to their team of providers from home.

Safety protocols are continuously updated to protect patients and staff at Vecino’s Denver Harbor Family Clinic. They include:

  • Any patient who is suspected to have been exposed to the coronavirus is isolated from other patients.
  • Check-ins for appointments are by phone and patients can wait in their vehicles for their appointment.
  • Masks are provided and are required of all staff and patients.
  • Social distancing is enforced throughout the clinic.

Prenatal care is the health care women get when they are pregnant; it is the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. 

When you are expecting, you need this special care and attention to make sure you and your baby are healthy and strong.

A team of experts, including our Women’s Health Coordinator, offers comprehensive care from conception to postnatal care, ultrasound, and childbirth service at St. Joseph Hospital.


What happens a prenatal exam?

Your first prenatal appointment will probably be a long one. Your provider will give you a complete checkup and will check your blood and urine to confirm the pregnancy and calculate your due date. Depending on how far along you are, your doctor may also perform your first ultrasound.

Regular prenatal visits are important

For a healthy pregnancy, your providers will want to see you regularly. Each visit is important. Here are some other things you can expect during your prenatal visits:

  • You will meet the team that will take care of you and your baby
  • You will get your blood pressure checked
  • Your baby’s heart rate will be checked
  • Your weight will be monitored
  • You will be able to get answers to any questions you may have
  • You’ll learn how to manage common symptoms like nausea and vomiting, swelling, cravings, and mood swings
  • You’ll find out the sex of your baby (after the first trimester)
  • Our team will assist you to be prepared to give birth

Prenatal health services are important for you and your baby

Pregnancy complications can happen even when you are healthy. The best way to avoid them and deliver a healthy baby is by staring prenatal care early in the pregnancy.

Research shows that babies of mothers who do not get prenatal care are more likely to have a low birth weight, which may cause health problems. In addition, the likelihood that a baby will die at or soon after birth is higher when mothers do not receive prenatal care.

How much does prenatal care cost?

Most insurance plans, including Medicaid, cover all prenatal care costs. If you don’t have insurance, Vecino can help you apply. We also offer a financial assistance program if you don’t qualify for insurance. Prenatal care is affordable for everyone.


Unemployed or uninsured?

Don’t worry. Vecino Health Centers offers financial assistance so everyone in your family can get the checkups and other care they need. You may even qualify for other benefits, we’ll help you understand your options.

Just ask about our Get Care program

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