Medical, dental, and counseling services for family members of every age.
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Vecino’s Denver Harbor Family Clinic is proud to be the home of the Houston Methodist Family Medicine Residency Program. Doctors in the program have the most up-to-date training from one of the best medical schools in the country.

Family Medicine

Vecino Health Centers’ family medicine doctors are dedicated to good health for individuals and families. We provide care to all ages, including infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Services include diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries, health screenings, immunizations, and help with lifestyle changes to prevent illnesses before they develop.

Maternity Care (Prenatal Care and Postnatal Services)

Prenatal care is the healthcare women receive when they are pregnant. At Vecino’s Denver Harbor Family Clinic, women receive care throughout their pregnancy and delivery, including ultrasounds and important regular checkups to benefit mother and child. Learn more.

Women’s Healthcare

We help women enjoy good health at every stage of life. Services include regular gynecological checkups, birth control, family planning, pregnancy tests, care during menopause, sexual health, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, and immunizations. Mammograms are provided at the clinic through a partnership with The Rose.


Vecino counselors provide caring treatment and support for depression; anxiety and fears; substance abuse; grief and loss; and issues related to trauma, abuse, and domestic violence. We help you improve the health of your mind and body so you can live the life you want.

Dental Care

Your dental care and oral health is an important part of your overall health and well-being. Vecino’s dental professionals will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums with regular examinations and cleanings. Dental services also include fillings and crowns.

Other Speciality Care

For established patients:

Management of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

As a patient, you can receive specialty care to manage diabetes and high blood pressure from University of Houston School of Pharmacy faculty on-site at Vecino’s Denver Harbor Family Clinic.

School and Sports Physicals

School and sports physicals, or pre-participation (PPE) exams to ensure your children can safely participate in team sports and other athletic activities, are available at Vecino Health Centers. Sports physicals and annual exams are similar, but focus on different aspects of health. We encourage you to combine sports physicals with annual exams.


Vecino’s doctors will help you get the lowest price available on your prescriptions.

Enrollment Assistance

Vecino can help you enroll in health insurance through marketplace insurance plans during enrollment periods. We can help with Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) any time of year. Call 713-828-3149 for assistance.

I love this place. When I wasn't insured this clinic saved me, and when I was insured I continued to attend this clinic...I refer everyone to this place.

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2021 Patient Satisfaction Survey

Excellent attention, fast, they always answer calls and all the staff are very friendly. I recommend it 100%.

Rafael Aponte

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