The cardiac specialty care program is available to established patients of Denver Harbor Family Clinic

Patients at Vecino’s Denver  Harbor Family Clinic now have access to care from world-renowned cardiology experts at an affordable cost right at the clinic.

This in-house approach to care not only gives cardiac patients greater access to life-saving services, but it also increases collaboration among members of your medical team, providing you with the highest quality of care through an accessible, streamlined process.

The program is overseen by Dr. Miguel A. Quiñones, former Chair of the Houston Methodist Department of Cardiology, Editor-in-Chief, Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal and a member of the advisory board for Vecino Health Centers. It is staffed by fellows from the Houston Methodist Scholar’s Program.

For more information about the program and to find out if it’s right for you, talk with your Denver Harbor Family Clinic doctor.