Well Check Exams: Two reasons to bring your healthy child to the doctor

When your child is sick with the flu or a broken bone, one of the first things you do is bring them to the doctor. But did you know it is just as important to bring your child to the doctor when they are healthy? 

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Your child’s Well Check Exam is a great time to ask the doctor about all of the little questions that come up during the year, even if your child is mostly healthy. Here are three reasons why:

Reason #1: No question is too small for a Well Check Exam

You probably have lots of questions about the “little things” going on with your child. How can I get my child to sleep better? Is my child overweight? My child isn’t doing well in school, is there something wrong?

But it is hard to remember all of these questions when you come to the clinic with a sick child.

A Well Check is meant to be a low-stress time to check in with the doctor about any concerns for your child, big and small. It is also a chance to make sure your child is healthy and growing as expected.

Reason #2: Well Check Exams are paid by Medicaid and other insurance

Medicaid and other health insurance pays for regular well checks. That means there is no charge to families.

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