Encourage men to get regular checkups

Being a father, a husband, and a provider for a family is not easy. Hard-working men of all ages have many daily challenges and often neglect their own health.

An annual medical exam helps men prevent costly and debilitating chronic illnesses that can limit their ability to have productive lives.

As a gift to our male partners, friends, and relatives, let’s make sure they schedule their annual medical checkups. Appointments are available at Vecino’s Denver Harbor Family Clinic.

New patients are welcome.

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Screenings detect silent symptoms

Undiagnosed diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss, nerve damage and impotence. These complications can be avoided through diet, exercise, and weight loss. In some cases medication is also prescribed.

What’s your blood pressure?

Nearly half of adults in the United States have high blood pressure, and the risk for it increases with age. In many cases, high blood pressure has no warning signs. It  can result in serious medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. A blood pressure test is part of every regular checkup. If a patient’s blood pressure is high, we can help them lower it and keep it lowered.

Vecino Health Centers is a Gold Level participant in TARGET BP, an initiative of the American Heart Association and the American Medical Association that helps helps health care organizations improve patient blood pressure rates.

Help the men in your life make health care a priority

Life is not easy for many working men, and many avoid routine checkups for as long as possible. Do you have someone in your life like that?

Help your spouse, partner, father, brother, or other male relative or friend live a long and healthy life by encouraging him to schedule regular medical checkups. For a little extra encouragement, offer to go with him or schedule your own checkup on the same day.

Unemployed or uninsured?

Don’t worry. Vecino Health Centers offers financial assistance so everyone in your family can get the checkups and other care they need. You may even qualify for other benefits, we’ll help you understand your options.

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